- Virtual Server

A virtual server is a complete Linux installation besides many others running on powerful server hardware. You will be the only one having fully administration rights. You can install the software you need and delete the software you do not like. It's an easy to use solution perfectly adapted for offering services like webhosting, irc services, ....

Disk Space
1 GB
3 GB
6 GB
2 IPs
4 IPs
8 IPs
4 GB
6 GB
10 GB
Setup Fees
20 EUR
20 EUR
20 EUR
20 EUR
30 EUR
50 EUR


1 IP: 10 € / year - 2 IPs: 16 € / year - 4 IPs: 25 € / year
1 GB transfer: 4€
1 GB space: 5€ / month
Rent an admin: 50€ / hour
Virus/Spam protected backup mailserver: 30 € / month
Access to our backup server: 40€ / month
Hosting interface: 75€ (confixx pro)
The hosting interface will transform your virtual server into a real hosting server. You can manage your customers and resellers setup by just using your internet browser.

What are the disadvantages of a virtual server?
There is only one minor disadvantage. You can not compile and install a new Linux Kernel.

What are the advantages of a virtual server?
You can reboot your server using a webinterface. When you have made some big mistakes the server can be reinstalled in 10 minutes. Security is always a problem. Virtual servers offer a better, general security then shared hosting. And of course virtual server are affordable for everyone.

What operating system do the virtual servers run?
RedHat 7.3 & 9, Debian 3.0 and SuSE 8.2 are available for installation. Please note that Redhat 7.3 is the default operating system for our virtual servers.

*All our prices include the VAT of 15%